Spiritual Life Style Training held by CNS-Sweden in June-July 2016


Meditating Outdoors in Nature in Ydrefors


Dr. Dada Shambhushivananda gave regular classes during the Spiritual Life Style Training in 2016

mid-summer bliss retreat

Rohit ,among others, trying Kaoshikii for the first time.



Class on Permaculture in the Gurukula Library in Ydrefors led by Michael from Gothenberg

Midsummer Bonfire June 24th,2016

Midsummer Bonfire June 24th,2016

Yoga Weekend CNS-Sweden

Participants of Yoga Weekend organized by CNS-Sweden

photo 2



July 2006

July 2006

Summer Event:Yoga Educator Conference

Dada Shivaprasad – an alumni of Sweden TC.

 DSC06923 Theatre in Education Workshop with Ole Brekke DSC06911 Happy time during Theatre in Education Workshop Curriculum for Neohumanist Institute in

Ydrefors Flowers blooming in Ydrefors Didi Ananda Carushiila’Ac. during NHE Summit in Ydrefors

CNS Volleyball court amidst forest trees Global Neohumanist Education Summit 2006


ydrefors photo

Ydrefors Lake :Photo by Vivek Wu (Toronto)


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